Past Version is basically an English site where people get older versions of Android apps and games. This site has originally designed for technology lovers. The purpose is to provide different types of content with 100% pure information at different times.

The main purpose of choosing the Past Version (means Old Version) domain name is to write content through my own practical experience and research so that any visitor will get the best results they expect. That’s the reason you can trust this website.

We do not handle any illegal content or activity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all types of app or game reviews for our PV website users or visitors completely free of charge. So that users will be able to know whether the app or game will satisfy him or her before installing them on the devices.

We are slowly moving our mission towards success.

About Nova

Nova R is now working as a content writer on this site. She is personally an Android OS expert and has been working in this Apps industry since 2009 (almost 10+ years). Since she is already an expert, so you’ll find all the valuable information.

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